Upcoming Workshops

ipaast project workshop: integrating precision agriculture and archaeology for sustainable management in dehesa landscapes.

8 March 2023

Merida, Extremadura, Spain

Confirmed Participants:

1.-Valentín Maya: agricultural engineer specializing in the management of pastures

2.-José Rafael da Silva: agricultural engineer specializing in remote sensing and in carbon sequestration in the dehesa. Manager of Agroinsider.

3.-Greenfield Technologies: Provider of UAV services for agriculture.

4.-Elia Quirós and Laura Fragoso Campon: Universidad de Extremadura | UNEX researchers specialising in the use of LIDAR for the management of the dehesa.

5.-Lázaro Lagostena and Pedro Trapero: Geophysicists and researchers focused on precision agriculture IVAGRO.

6.-Jesús García Sanchez: Archaeological researcher focused on the dehesa environment.

7.-María Pía Sánchez Fernández: Estate owner at La Rinconada.

8.- Jose María Terron and Victorino Mayoral Hererra: ipaast team leads in Spain.