Soil Health & Soil Heritage

prioritisation and instrument review

Identifying Priorities

The core project group, representing researchers in environment, archaeology, agriculture, and sensor development worked over three days to identify and rank shared priorities for the collection of remote and near surface sensing data, considering a broad range of mapping and monitoring applications related to the management of agricultural landscapes. For each thematic application area, the ability to assess and monitor specific soil and related environmental properties was considered.

Instrument Review

The group reviewed a range of instruments and assessed their capacity to produce data relevant for mapping and monitoring applications identified as high or medium-high cross-domain priorities. This exercise provided an overview of obstacles to producing useful data and identified high potential instruments.

A complete version of the draft instrument review document is provided below. Refinement of this document through further review of publicly available information on instruments and feedback from colleagues working in land management is ongoing.

Contributors: Eamonn Baldwin, Ying Zheng, Awais Asiz Shah, Analito Michala, Rachael Wakefield, Rachel Opitz

The instrument review informed follow on workshops in Dalswinton and Glasgow.

This project was supported by funding from NERC (DISCIPLINE HOPPING) – award 317545.