Partners and Participants

University of Glasgow

Lead Contact: Rachel Opitz

Dr Rachel Opitz is a senior lecturer in Spatial Archaeometry (Archaeology) at University of Glasgow, has over a decade’s experience working with landscape archaeology and archaeological remote sensing (ARS). She has broad expertise in computational applications in archaeology, notably in 3d modelling, aerial hyperspectral imaging, geospatial analysis and lidar interpretation. Past work focused on interdisciplinary data integration and the development of data infrastructures and workflows to support cross-domain research in the DataArc Project (2016-2020), building cyberinfrastructure for semantic integration of data for long-term human ecodynamics research in the North Atlantic. These experiences facilitating data science – archaeology collaborations, including projects with explicit software and workflow development and co-design components, together with research in ARS, led to Opitz’s current interest in archaeology and precision agricultural data and workflow interoperability and cross-domain integration. 

University of Siena

Lead Contact: Stefano Campana

Ghent University

Lead Contact: Philippe de Smedt

University of Florence

Lead Contact: Marco Vieri

Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Lead Contact: Victorino Mayoral-Herrera

Landscape Research Centre

Lead Contact: Dominic Powlesland