Data user guides to what to ask

If you’re planning to have sensing data collected by a specialist service provider and want to increase the potential that you or someone else could reuse the data for another purpose, it’s important to ask good questions about how they will collect, process, and license the data. If you’re requesting data from someone so that you can reuse it, it’s equally important to ask good questions so you can be confident you are getting data that’s appropriate for how you plan to use it. These guides are here to help. They are designed for situations where you’re thinking about sharing data across agricultural, environmental, and heritage management sectors.

Graphic design by Nysa Louden (University of Glasgow).

It’s important to think not only about data collection, but about the whole data lifecycle.

When planning data collection, consider what further support or resources might be needed to support data processing, analysis, archiving and dissemination.

Graphic design by Robert Christian Masters (University of Glasgow).